Monday, 25 November 2013

Picture Moi et Tu

A Second

For a second I stopped thinking about you
For a second I was warm
For a second the aching in my heart
Was no longer a storm
To step away from your embrace
To never see your face 
Reminds me that we're still on earth
There's not a perfect place

So when times passes and the buzz is gone
We'll meet again
And you'll be my friend
And you'll be mine
Our hands will intertwine
I'll feel like everything's fine
Till the force returns
Tearing me from you

We'll video talk
We'll Skype
We'll Kik
We'll type
I'll pretend to be smart for you
Then say something dumb
You'll compliment me
And then I'll go numb

So when the rush of life restarts
It'll no longer feel like there's a dart in my heart
Yet in that location
Something that shows
For a second I felt free
For a second I was me


As four wheels roll away
There's not much left to say
Or think, for that matter
About the laughter and chatter
And memories that we share
But distance makes you unaware

Distance does not tell you
How good it is to talk face-to-face
Distance does not show you
How good it is to look into his space
And find his eyes, so rich and defined 
Adoring you

Distance forgets to mention
The anticipation before holding his hand
To have 10 fingers intertwined
Distance does not give you his embrace
Where you feel his heart all over the place

But what it does say
Is at the end of the day
We have to leave
And heave all the feelings aside
Step into the light
And face the fact

That Distance means
You won't see
Them again

Mr Parfait and Me 

He's the type that all the girls like
He's got game in his name
His aesthetics add to the blessing
You feel when he chats you up

He's fine, clean shaven, beard just right
Eyes and nose in proportion
Lips to kiss you goodnight

His arms in concave shape
But not too much as to cause distress

Voice gentle, personality diverse
The one that makes you wonder if he could ever be a curse

The thing that gets to me
Is when he gazes
His stare so intense
It enchants me for ages

My heart skips a beat
When he strolls my way just to greet
Omygosh! Hyperventilate!
I think I'm going to suffocate

You ask me my name 
I answer in vain
Oh you're handsome?

Really you're just lame
We banter for a bit
You ask for my number as you see fit

Text, call, text
Huddle huddle huddle
We're all in a muddle
'Lets wait, see how it goes'
I'm just glad 
We finally flow

I Love You

"I Love You"
If I said that, would you

Reply back?
In the same manner and tone as you did before?
Or would you get lost and momentarily forget we were here
Caught in the years
Of constant grumbling and success

Alternatively, you could grace me
With word made of knives
Mutilating my heart
And leaving me to die

I thought I said I loved you
I thought you said you loved me too
Is it that I'm mistaken?
And should finally awaken 
from this funny faรงade?

You're hiding
I'm priding myself in these 3 words, 8 letters with one meaning
You turn around
With tears streaming
I'm screaming
Because all along...
Twas me that marred you

As you're reminded of how wonderful life is 
You squeal with 3 last exhalations
I . .


Memories fading
I don't want them to
Remembering you
Was what I wished 
For future generations
So I had no hesitation

You were my first
My last of my first
It never made to love
But that's for the control of the above
A bottle full of dove
Can't wash away the experience

We've parted now 
You're there
I'm here
Living in my own, sort of sphere
Choosing to ignore the near
And chasing away that tear
Gone for a year
We can't manage that?

Are we consumed in the culture of 'feel'?
That we neglect the real?
I bend to kneel 
And talk to my Father to thank him
It's a goodbye
He's a decent guy

I couldn't have asked for more...