Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Let Me.

Won't you let me see beneath...
You're Beautiful
The marks you perceive as scars are meaningful
Barely trivial

Your experiences are mesmersing
Slightly intycing
I find myself rising
When you strip

But don't feel naked
The bond that we share is purely sacred
To hear of the times that you were elated
Ceases the need for an apologetic nature

Don't be ashamed,
I'll treat them gently
Evidently you're afraid
Of the power I hold
And what I can do with what I know
Or this you believe to be so

However you've lived a life I've never touched

And not only do I taste it in your kiss
But the way I miss you

So what I'm trying to say is

Can't you see that I love you?
Peel the scales from your eyes
Feel the way that hug you

Just let me see beneath...

You're beautiful.

An Extra Sprinkle of Cheeese

It's the way he looks at you
Like you're the most beautiful creature in the universe
Like you're the best thing that ever happened to him
Like he loves and accepts your stripped and naked soul
Like he craves to covet and caress you
It's that soft and subtle gaze
That makes you imagine your wedding day
Complete affection,
Full of darkness, yet representing light and life and love
Copulating, in such a gentle way
The epitome of love-making
He undress me with his eyes, not my clothes which would make me feel ruined
But my soul.
I love his, and he loves mine.

Your Kisses

You're attractive
Don't get me wrong
You've been blessed with that extra sprinkle of Melanin
The type to catch and throw me into the river of sin

You're kiss and touch is the best I know
Bringing about that extra flow
Of excitement
And a slight sense of entitlement

It's like the metaphysical
Though Philosophy nor Psychology can never explain it

What I'm trying to say is that your kisses were all that I wanted
All that I craved, they truly are a beautiful art
But I'm longing after another mans heart